ATTENTION: While we know they are well worth it, we understand that quality pups can be hard on the budget. We are happy to be able to offer financing options in order to help more families get the pup they deserve! Please reach out for details if this may be helpful to you. Thank you!

Currently, all of our pups have found their forever homes. We have several litters planned during 2024 that we are very excited about! Reach out any time for details or to join our waitlist!



Planned Pairings – 

Luke x Eowyn             Expected April 2024 – Multi-Gen; toy and mini sizes; black/white, blue/white, silver/white; lots of blue eyes

Zeus x Minnie             Expected April 2024 – F1; all sizes; black/white, red/white, silver/white; lots of blue eyes

Luke x Ginny              Expected Fall 2024 – F3; mini and standard sizes; black/white, red/white, silver/white, agouti; lots of blue eyes